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Service: Stucco Remediation
Job Site:
Alpine Ln
Williamstown, NJ
Description: Guzzo Stucco was called to look at the stucco on this house in Williamstown New Jersey. The stucco was buckling off the wall in a few areas and the inside corner had a black stain on the stucco as a result of not having a kick-out diverter. After explaining the risks of stucco failure over time if the stucco is not installed properly, we did a complete stucco remediation and pulled all the windows in order to flash them properly with the stucco.

Image Captions:

  • Before removal of stucco. Notice the buckling of the stucco in between the top and bottom window on the left.
  • No nails or staples in the wire lathe.
  • Removal of stucco at inside corner.
  • Rot and mold at the inside corner from having no kick-out.
  • Damage at bottom of column from not having any ice and water shield or weep screed to allow drainage.
  • Bottom of column rotted.
  • Rot and termites at the bottom of the column.
  • Mold remediation at bottom of column.
  • Kick-out diverter installed under the step flashing of the roof.
  • Mold remediation under roof behind soffit. Aftershock mold chemical used to kill and seal mold on structure of roof.
  • A leak in the shingles of the roof caused damage to the front wall behind stucco. The soffit and the sheathing was removed and replaced.
  • Weep screed at framing-foundation junction and proper window flashing.
  • Kick-out diverter installed.
  • Drip cap head flashing on top of all windows.
  • Building paper tucked underneath window flashing.
  • Chalked lines mark the studs.
  • Staples holding up wire lathe are put only in the studs.
  • Completed stucco remediation by Guzzo Stucco in Williamstown, NJ.
  • Accent keystone in slightly darker color.
  • Stucco remediation in Williamstown, NJ
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