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Stucco Patch

What is the deal with a stucco patch?

It is very difficult to perfect. Why? Because a stucco patch will never match.

When installing the stucco finish, you can’t stop until you reach a terminating end or dissimilar surface (terminating ends can be inside & outside corners). This is because when applying stucco on a wall, you only have about 20 minutes of working time. You don’t want to stop and start allowing enough time for the stucco to dry because you will see a noticeable difference in stop and starting points.

Consistency in mixing the stucco is crucial because if you add too much water or not enough, that may make the color of the stucco a shade lighter or darker. Once the stucco dries completely, a patch will be noticeable. The older the stucco, the worse the patch won’t match.

Trying to patch older stucco is difficult because the stucco has probably faded and the pores of the stucco has probably collected some particles from vegetation, dirt, rust, & run-off causing stains or discoloration.

A common stucco patch is around windows and doors because the only way to replace a window or door surrounded by stucco is tear off the stucco around the window or door. The best solution for this is to patch the stucco around the window or door and then put stucco trim around it so that it will hide the patch. If stucco trim is not an option to hide the patch, then the only way to make the patch disappear is to resurface the entire area using terminating ends or dissimilar surfaces. This helps better ensure blending of color and texture with the rest of the building.

If the texture matches but the color doesn’t then instead of adding an entire new layer of stucco, you can possibly paint the area to get a better match.

Sewell Stucco Patch
A residential homeowner in Sewell, NJ replaced all the windows in the front of the house. In order to remove the old windows, they had to cut out the stucco around the windows just enough to get the windows out and put the new ones in. When they cut the stucco open, that’s when they saw damage (mold) on the plywood continuing behind the stucco. Once they realized that it may be a stucco problem, that’s when they called Guzzo Stucco. We explained to them about stucco remediation and instead of patching the windows, we tore off all the stucco and reinstalled an entirely new drainage system.
Moorestown Stucco Patch
In the backyard under a deck of a house in Moorestown, NJ Guzzo Stucco was called to patch the stucco above a sliding door where a bay roof overhang was removed. We tied in building paper and wire lath into the existing stucco surrounding it and then finished with feathering in the cement and stucco finish. The stucco color did not need to match exact because the house was getting painted.
North Jersey Stucco Patch
This commercial building was in North Jersey in Morristown. The stucco was an EIFS system. EIFS is very easy to damage because it is mostly all foam board with only about an eighth to a quarter of an inch thickness of mesh, basecoat, and stucco. This building had several holes from birds pecking at it. The other damage was near the dumpster enclosure and overhead doors by the loading docks. This was impact damage from trucks hitting into the wall. A couple of signs that had been mounted on the building were removed, leaving the holes exposed. Some areas we were able to just patch with a layer of mesh, basecoat, and stucco. Other areas were more severe and we had to cut the foam in order to install new foam before putting our lamina. We did not need to match the stucco color because the decision had been made to paint the entire building.
Avalon Stucco Patch
From all the damage of Super Storm Sandy, this house in Avalon, NJ did some renovations that included replacing these two windows on the side of the house. We patched the stucco and put stucco trim around the windows to hide the patch.
Central Jersey Stucco Patch
Hess Station in East Windsor, NJ had a tractor trailer back into the store damaging the EIFS. There were vertical V grooves in the EIFS which made for a good terminating end. The texture of the stucco matched exact but the color, being a base white color, did not match because of the fading discoloration of the existing stucco.
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